Cutbox Barbers

Opening hours

Monday8am – 8pm
Tuesday8am – 8pm
Wednesday8am – 8pm
Thursday8am – 8pm
Friday8am – 8pm
Saturday9am – 6pm
Sunday10.30am – 5pm

Your favourite Barber has landed in Victoria!

Here at Cutbox, we’re building a new kind of barber. One that lives up to your expectations. No scrap that, one that exceeds your expectations.

We’re injecting a little fun and a whole lot of reliability into the process of male haircuts. 

As customers, we found it impossible to find a reliable, fun, personable barber who could give us the best results time and time again.

We decided why not pave the way to a solution ourselves. From that, we made Cutbox – an innovative barber chain here to tell you that it’s okay to want to look good.

Our story begins with us, but it ends with you. Throughout this whole process, our aim has been to bring men, like yourself, a one-stop style solution that you can find countrywide, whenever you’re in need.

We’re here to create a community – a community of men who take pride in how they look and enjoy themselves whilst doing it. So why not come along for the ride? We promise you won’t regret it. 

Book in today and get a free Goodybag worth £60!