Winter Wellness Guide from Boots

We know that staying well and healthy is at the top of everyone’s list this year, so that’s why Boots have created a Winter Wellness Guidepacked full of advice and tips on how to stay well this winter. 

  • Eat the rainbow – Eating a variety of fruit, vegetables and also herbs, spices, nuts and seeds can help maintain your immune system. Try eating foods rich in vitamins B6, B12, C and D and minerals like zinc and folic acid which works to help support your immune system.
  • Up your vitamin D – Did you know vitamin D is important for maintaining a healthy immune system? Everyone should take a daily supplement containing at least 10mcg of vitamin D between October and March, with some groups needing to take it all year round*.
  • Catch those Zzz – When we sleep our immune system releases cytokines to help the body fight inflammation and infection. If you wake up tired and spend the daydreaming about sleep, you’re probably not getting enough of it!
  • Prevention, prevention, prevention – Prevention is key an taking small steps such as regularly washing your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds and avoiding touching your face, nose and mouth can help protect you over the coming months.

Boots knows more people than ever are looking at increasing their general health over the winter, which is why they’ve launched a bespoke Winter Wellness Bundle to help keep you protected. It includes all of the wellbeing products you may need in your bathroom cabinet in one handy package for just £30, including our two wellness heroes of the season – Boots Dual Defence and NEW Boots Vitamin C + D tablets

Boots Winter Wellness Bundle, £30 is packed with wellbeing heroes to help look after you this Winter, including Boots Vitamin C + D Tablets and Boots Dual Defence. At just £30, including free delivery, the bundle saves customers over £6 compared to buying products separately.

NEW Boots Vitamin C + D Tablets £6.50 are the first combined vitamin C & D product to market. They provide dual action immunity support in one targeted tablet. It combines the benefits of both vitamin C and D, providing the recommended daily amount of both.

Boots Dual Defence Nasal Spray, £5.99 is an easy-to-use nasal spray containing clinically proven Carragelose® to help shorten the duration and severity of cold and flu-like symptoms. When sprayed, the active ingredient Carragelose® acts like nasal mucus to help trap foreign particles such as common cold causing viruses.

*see NHS website for details

**products should be kept in a cool environment, usually below 25 degrees and out of the reach from children and pets. Products should be used when needed, all products are not designed to be used together, these are just recommended products to have in your wellness cupboard ready for when needed. Food supplements do not replace the need for a healthy balanced diet.