Lola’s Cupcakes x Ukraine Aid Delivery 

Nazar (Lola’s Transport Manager) has been spearheading Lola’s Cupcakes aid support for Ukraine, being a Ukrainian National here in the UK. It initially started with discussions around what to send, Nazar being within the Ukrainian community has close ties back home, and has received lists from various groups detailing exactly what is desperately needed. He has been assisted by his Brother-In-law also working with Lola’s Cupcakes, Lurii. He mentioned often, that whilst there was lots of aid being donated here in London, the issue was getting it into Poland and ultimately Ukraine. 

Below is the account of Nazar’s journey to Ukraine…

One of Lola’s Cupcake’s main concerns was that Nazar may be stopped as part of the aid trip for taxes, or with other issues through customers so they prepared a letter. 

The company also insured the van for cross-European travel, had the vehicle serviced, and readied for the 30-hour trip / 1600 miles each way. 

Nazar set off at 4am on Sunday 13th March and has been moved by much of what he has seen on the road, many other UK citizens travelling in convoy delivering aid – many with flags and stickers signifying the purpose of their trip. 

Nazar reached the border on 14/3/22 at 8pm UK Time.

“We waited on the border until 2AM because of the queues. They priority buses who bring people from border to the Polish cities…”

Goods were swapped over into new van and onto Ukraine. 

The Ukrainian van was driven by a woman volunteer which is the only way to get a van/person out of the country. The trip is 5 hours each way but she was joined by someone else on the other side of the Ukrainian border to help share the driving. 

The goods have arrived to the destination of the local council, who then distribute the aid to the front line. 

Comments/Encouragement for Nazar & Andriy 

Dear Nazar and Andriy,

The love you have for your country is outstanding and your passion and commitment to help your co-nationals is unbelievable. Thank you for what you’re doing. You’re an inspiration to all of us. My thoughts are with all those affected by the conflict and hope that the situation will be peacefully resolved soon. Have a safe journey!

Stefan Bolboceanu