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Environmental Statement


Victoria Place Shopping Centre Environmental Statement 2019

Our Policy

We pride ourselves on our recycling program – recyclable waste items such as cardboard, glass and food are sorted into separate waste streams for appropriate disposal. Our M&E contractor also handles florescent tubes, batteries and WEEE to ensure safe disposal. Our Soft Service contractor also implements a strict environment policy where chemicals and cleaning systems used within Victoria Place are not harmful to the environment. All general waste at Victoria Place goes to the ‘Waste to Energy’ facility.”

Environmental Introduction

Victoria Place Shopping Centre (“VPSC”) being located in the Centre of London takes its environmental obligations seriously and as a responsible business we consider all the areas which we can help influence the decision making process and source positive environmental solutions.
We consider it extremely important to manage environmental impacts and minimize our environmental footprint through effective management, review existing operational practices, reduction in carbon emissions, provide essential environmental information and communication, potentially increase recycling and reduce traffic movements. With the aim of avoiding adverse impacts on the local community and promoting the efficient use of resources

Green Apple Award Winners

“VPSC” were GOLD winners of a Green Apple Environment Award in November 2017 for Environmental best practice. It will be important for us to review all best practice in which to achieve further industry environmental awards.

Westminster Air Quality Pledge

We believe working with the Victoria Business Improvement District and the Local Authority to raise environmental and friendly objectives. “VPSC” has committed to giving responsible consideration to communications, the built environment, transportation and supply chain in which to improve local air quality.

Service and Resourcing Partners

“VPSC” will ensure service and resource partners are advised of our minimum business duties and responsibilities towards environmental legislation by providing guidance, development, best practice and tools to assist the support of this.
The supply chain servicing “VPSC” is an important factor, through any procurement process a service partner must have established, robust principles which reflect our environmental position and standards.


The monthly newsletter forms an essential part of our communication process with tenants. “VPSC” will continue to provide updated environmental performance information on a regular basis.

Environmental Spillage Procedure

“VPSC” is committed to preventing pollution and protecting the natural built environment surrounding the Centre. We have adopted a strict and effective pollution spillage procedure.

Travel Survey and Plan

On an annual basis “VPSC is committed to undertaking a full travel survey of all retailers, service partners and in-house team in which to benchmark transport usage to and from the Centre as a place of work. Information on alternative modes of transport and walking and cycling routes form part of this process.

Modifications to this or other policies

We are committed to developing our Environmental Statement. Responsibility for the overall governance and review of this statement lies with the shopping Centre management team. Therefore any changes made to this policy will take into account the impact on all the Centre’s customers and stakeholders.

Questions about this policy

Any questions with regards to specific areas of policy, or areas where clarification is required, will be referred to a member of the Centre Management Team at Victoria Place Shopping Centre.

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